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Managed Services

  • We Plan Your Trips with You

  • We Build Your Itinerary

    We Manage Your Travelers

  • We Manage Booking

  • We Manage Reimbursements

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Coordinator Tools

  • Manage Itinerary

  • Manage Travelers

  • Manage Billing

$0 per year (1 trip & 25 travelers cap)

Contact us if you have more needs than 1 trip and 25 travelers.


Let us build your trip activities, accommodations, flights, addresses, checklists, forms and more. Get a custom link for your group's itinerary to share digitally or to print.

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Allow travelers to sign up with a custom link or upload a list. At any time, know everyone's status (who has RSVP'd, who has paid, etc.) and easily know who needs to do what.

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Upload a list of who's coming on your trip or allow travelers to sign up. Since each traveler has a unique travel profile, you can easily segment people and have access to the personal information you need for booking and management.

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We communicate with every traveler. Individual messages and group messages depending on what needs to happen. Texts, emails, phone calls. All conversations recorded in our system for your reference.

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Get everyone on the same page.

Make sure everyone has access everything you've put together, always.

Absolutely the best option for group travel.

Consolidate all your tools and make your trip a success.

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Secure & Fast

Keep your traveler's information secure and compliant while working as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Easy to Use

All our tools are intuitive and easy to use for every staff member and traveler.

Quick Onboarding

Set up your itinerary and get your traveler list uploaded as soon as possible.

Simple & Automated

Never repeat work or do a repetitive task again. Plan it once and manage it automatically.

Who should use LEFT?

Travel Agencies make perfect LEFT users. Manage all the moving parts, automate the administrative processes, and delegate roles. Make your job easier and your trips better.


Whether you're planning a Study Abroad program for college students or a 3rd Grade field trip, LEFT is the perfect solution. Keep everyone safe and on the same page.


Whether you're organizing employee retreats, conferences, or general corporate travel, LEFT makes your job easier than you would believe.


LEFT is perfect for Churches when coordinating mission trips. Coordinate the trip like a pro, ensure everyone is as safe as possible, and makes it easy for next time."


LEFT is a good tool for Sports Teams when traveling for away games or tournaments. Make sure your teams gets to the right place, on time, safely.


If your Non-Profit Organization coordinates volunteer work, especially in an International setting, you should be using LEFT to make your trip as organized and safe as possible.


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