Frequently Asked Question

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Who should use LEFT?

LEFT is the ideal solution for anyone tasked with organizing a group trip. We're not a great fit for your casual trips with friends and families, but if your group is big enough, LEFT makes things really easy. We help you get everyone on the same page. If you need to coordinate a group travel event, then LEFT helps planning, preparing the group for the trip, managing things when you're there, and following up when you're all back home.

What does managing travelers mean?

Your job starts when you complete an itinerary. Most of the work involved in coordinating travel is the actual coordinating! Making sure he signed that document, that she purchased insurance, that they bought their flights, etc. LEFT helps you communicate and do all this at scale, and then see everyone's status in one place. Need to remind everyone that didn't do something to do something? Send the whole group a form to sign? Very easy with LEFT.

What is your pricing?

Our pricing varies too much to explain on a pricing page because of all the different features we can offer and their related costs. Typically, a fully coordinated trip with a white-labeled mobile app with full functionality is priced per traveler, and most of our users sign on for an annual membership to our platform. Regardless, we are always willing to work with you. Reach out for a demo and let's talk!

What happens when my trip ends?

When your trip ends, you have a couple of options. You can send a follow up survey to everyone that traveled, as well as manage any further communication at scale with your travelers. You can also save your trip to easily re-do it for next time, making your next trip easier than you would believe. You can discontinue your mobile app, or keep it live. It's a great way to compile all of the pictures and videos that your travelers took as well.

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