LEFT's First Newsletter

LEFT's First Newsletter


Hello from LEFT! 

We are so happy to have you on this wild ride with us! 

First things first, welcome to Left’s very first E-Newsletter! Here you’ll find a little information about our team, what we’re doing, and how you can find out more about us.



1) Why am I getting this email? 

We have accumulated an awesome list of people who have shown interest in Left, who love our team members, or have contributed their valuable time and resources in some form to the Left vision since Day 1. 

So for those of you who gave us your emails at Expo Day, thank you!

To those who love our team members, family, and friends, we appreciate you! 

And to all our amazing contributors and mentors since the beginning until now. 

            -Brian Keith (Left’s very first mentor, and professional believer)

            -Sarah HarkinMonica BebawyJonell OffrayAli Citta, and Madison Anderson (who took Left from a sketchbook to a tangible project) 

            -Zuventurez and Jay Sherer (for introducing me to what a start up is!) 

            -The amazing people we have worked with at the European Innovation Academy: especially our mentors, Tommaso Di BartoloP.J. Leimgruber, and Tiago Fernandez

2) Who are the Lefties now? 


Meet the Team. (From Left to right)

Pieter Peteers – Our business man and long term visionary.

Joao Albuquerque – Left’s diligent and appreciated software developer.

Shayanne Wright – Me, the founder!

Hannes Vanoverschelde – Our business man #2 and joyous hard worker. 

Aron Van Es – Left’s insanely talented UX/UI designer. Check out his portfolio here!

3) Just in case…. What is Left? 

Left is a resource for study abroad travelers and the programs or universities that send them! 

We make organizing and accessing all of your travel information a seamless process. 

No wifi? No problem! Just turn on your offline mode, and use all of your tools on the go. 

And if you are an exchange program, we have created a Learning Management System plug-in that allows coordinators to integrate all of their student’s information onto Left with the push of a button! 

But a picture speaks a thousand words, so here! Play with our prototype, and let us know what you think. :) 


4) What have we been up to? 

Left has been part of an accelerator program called the European Innovation Academy in Lisbon, Portugal! EIA is the world’s largest extreme entrepreneurship program, and we have been working with the support of experts from Silicon Valley, Google, Berkeley, you name it! 

We are currently working alongside 47 other teams, and this upcoming week is the final week! Final week includes Launching, Pitching for Investors, and Fundraising! So please keep the Left team and all the EIA teams in your thoughts and prayers. 

4) What have we accomplished? 

We have accumulated substantial traction in a short amount of time. In one week, we have collected several Letters of Intent totaling up to a minimum request of 1,000 student users! Thank you, early adopters! 

We also have been awarded 500 Euros for being one of the top ten most promising teams in EIA! Yay! How will we spend all of our riches…  

5) And what now? 

Now we graduate from EIA, and we encourage you all, our beloved Lefties to stay tuned! Also if you know of anyone who may be interested in our mission, please send them our way! 

For more information,

Our websitehttp://travel-left.com

Our Prototypehttps://share.proto.io/9DLZ2U/

Follow & Like us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/travel.LEFT/

Our Instagram: @gorightwithleft



All the Best,

Shayanne Wright

Team Leader & Founder

Left: Sending you the right way.

Contact me at: shayannewright@gmail.com or call +1(562) 810 7785

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