LEFT's Second Newsletter

LEFT's Second Newsletter


So what's new with LEFT? 


1) We graduated from the European Innovation Academy


2) We were one of the Top 10 Teams out of over 100! 

But rewind a little... to earn this we spent all day pitching to investors like Ravi Belani, managing partner of the Alchemist Accelerator, and Maher Hakim, who has come all the way from Qatar! 


They then all voted on the Top Ten, and we got the opportunity to pitch in front of 300 people. I was nervous. 

3) Here's the link to that pitch. 

Share it with your friends. Watch it with your mom. 

It's also on our Facebook Page.


4) We were featured on RTP TV in Portugal. 

They asked us about Left and how leading an all boys team was. It was very fun. 


Where will LEFT go now? 

1) Now we are off to San Francisco, and we are seeking opportunities in an Accelerator program and pursuing seed funding

2) If you know anyone in Study Abroad, Overseas Missions, or Corporate/Business travel, please send them our way. :) 

3) Or if you know of any accelerator programs you think we should check out, or angel investors (who we'd love to meet), please feel free to email us anytime.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to LEFT. We appreciate you. 

For more information,

Our websitehttp://travel-left.com

Our Prototypehttps://share.proto.io/9DLZ2U/

Follow & Like us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/travel.LEFT/

Our Instagram: @gorightwithleft

Our Bloghttps://gorightwithleft.blogspot.pt



All the Best,

Shayanne Wright

Team Leader & Founder

Left: Sending you the right way.

Contact me at: shayannewright@gmail.com or call +1(562) 810 7785

LEFT in Dinheiro Vivo

LEFT in Dinheiro Vivo

LEFT's First Newsletter

LEFT's First Newsletter