7 Must Have Tools For Travel Coordinators

The Best Online Tools for Travel Coordinators

From task management to expense management, an elite travel agent will have the most streamlined workflows, moving all the data and information for all their clients into systems that make success an attainable goal. Let’s take a look at ten online tools that every travel coordinator should use.

1. Nozbe

I was just getting started in my first professional position when I bought my first palm pilot. All I used it for was to play solitaire. On one humbling occasion I was talking to a peer about how I didn’t need my Palm because I kept all my to-dos in my head. I didn’t need to be reminded. A few moments later, in a staff meeting, I realized I had completely forgotten about a very important deadline. A simply forgot all about it until I was in a meeting with all of my associates looking at me like I had lost my mind.

Nozbe will allow you to keep from the embarrassment of forgetting. It’s a powerful task management software that functions for individuals and teams as well. Their software is robust and they have native apps for just about any device.

If you’re looking for a simple, yet powerful solution to manage all your tasks, keeping you on top of deadlines, you need to get your team onto Nozbe right away.

2. Evernote

Evernote is an essential app for any profession. In simple terms it’s a note-keeping application but it’s much more powerful than that. It allows me to save anything I find online with a couple simple clicks, from quotes and photos to full articles and websites, I can clip it to an Evernote notebook and save it away for later retrieval.

The way I use Evernote, as a marketer, is to save articles that I want to write about later. If I read an article or see something online that inspires a thought or an idea for a blog post or video, I clip it to my notebook. Then, when I’m ready to plan out content, those items are right there easy to access.

For travel coordinators, sharing important information with your clients and also using social media and content marketing to land new clients is an important part of your business. Evernote will allow you to keep track of all of your content inspirations and any other notes you may want to save for later.

3. Google Drive

I chose Google drive over Box or Dropbox simply from a breadth of use standpoint. Both of the other services are fine for saving files in the cloud, but Google Drive allows you to utilize Google Docs which can be extremely powerful for businesses.

Not only do you get over 30 gigabytes of storage for free with Google Drive, you also get built-in functionality of Google Docs, an online office production suite with tremendous usability. You can create forms, spreadsheets, documents and slide shows right from your browser and save them instantly in the cloud. Share them with your coworkers or clients and get instant, real-time collaboration on important documents.

Aside from that, you can still use it as a cloud drive that works surprisingly well. I really don’t know what I would do without Google Drive. I have the files I need to access all the time, like logos and profile photos. All the files my teams will need access to, I put into a folder and share it with all of them at once. And, I keep all of our collaborative efforts moving forward at a fast pace.

4. Expensify

Not all travel coordinators will need an expense tracking and management system. However, those that own or manage their own business, especially if you have your own employees, will find Expensify extremely handy.

Just not long ago, I had to buy a peace of equipment for a company item. Since we were a small team, we didn’t have immediate access to company credit cards, so we operated on an expense and reimbursement method. I bought the item I needed without putting everything on hold to wait for access to a company card. I was able to keep working with little downtime.

To get my reimbursement, I simply scanned in my receipt, added it into Expensify and submitted it for approval. On the other end, the CEO of the company approved the reimbursement from his mobile device and our accountant was able to issue the reimbursement immediately. It makes for a seamless workflow of expense management and reimbursement issues.

5. Google Hangouts

For some reason, Google Hangouts is being slowly adopted by others. Most companies still rely on GoToMeeting and/or Skype to do their online video chats or presentations. While I love GoToMeeting for presentations, Google Hangouts is quickly becoming my favorite tool for everything else.

The quality of the calls are usually better than Skype, and you can have many different people in the call without paying for a premium account. You can screen share and do a lot of different collaborative things in Google Hangouts that other systems don’t allow.

With the power of Google’s engineering behind it, it’ll become the dominating force in online web conferencing in the future. You can also use it to host live chats about travel that you can later use as promotional videos for your business.

6. Flight Track 5

For those MVP clients, tracking their flights is an important task for their travel agent. Knowing when they land, where their plane is and when it will arrive is important.

Think about it, if a travel agent knew their client had to be in London at a specific time, using Flight Track 5, they could literally know the departure was delayed before the client even did. Imagine your client calling you to request a different flight only to find out you’ve already got them on a different flight.

Talk about impressing your client.

Flight Track 5 is a mobile app that will allow you to keep track of all flight data, and even track flights through the air. A must-have for serious travel coordinators.

7. Social Mention

Social Media has become integrated into our lives in such a way that we use it to communicate more than any other tool. If someone is having problems traveling, or a great time traveling, more than likely they will be posting about it on social media.

From a travel coordinator's perspective, reaching out to potential clients in the middle of their dilemma, or answering their questions as they have them is golden. It allows you to impress potential clients in a way not possible a few years ago.

Social Mention allows you to monitor social media for keywords and subjects that will allow you to integrate yourself into conversations, offering value to those who you hope to become your clients. Keep track of your own brand mentions on social media so you can quickly respond and build a community around your brand.