Our Services

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Support for travelers of all kinds. 

For Coordinators, Our Web App & Dashboard: 

Managing your travelers and programs made easy! From our Web-app, coordinators can easily have users fill out forms, contact each other, share valuable itinerary and emergency information. With our dashboard, faculty can track user engagement and monitor traveler interactions.   

For Travelers & on the field staff, our Mobile App: 

Accessing your travelers is now a seamless process. With our mobile application, you can reach your travelers at all times. No wifi? No problem! Just turn on your offline mode and use your tools on the go. Not only do your travelers have a beautiful and simple interface for their program itinerary, but provide them with fun tools like Maps, Language Translator, and group chats! 

For all Programs, our Database:

Say goodbye to file cabinets and endless Google Drive files! With our database, you can archive all of your program's data and save it for next year. Simply build away with our searchable database, and tweak your new updates. 

We Give Scholarships: 

We are actively giving a percentage of our profits back in scholarships to our clients and their programs. Financial conflicts are the top reason people do not travel, and we hate that. Contact us for more information on your needs! 

We Do A Lot of Stuff:

And it's hard to put it all on one page. We work with schools, churches, organizations, gap years, and philanthropic groups. If you have a need in one of your programs,  and you feel that it wasn't mentioned above, contact us to see how we can best suit our products to you.